Monday, February 14, 2011

Stumbling Blocks

Sometimes connected in strings….sometimes in stacks, others are spaced apart of deep wells in between them.I’ve been climbing, rising, skipping……and have fallen short many times along the way.  One thing I can say has remained consistent; the desires of my heart.  I won’t reveal my ultimate reason at this time, except to say I feel so close, yet so far away.

My husband and I had a basic physical at the end of last week.  I weighed myself prior to the tech coming to our home because I didn’t want to be surprised by what was said. I braced myself for it…I  knew I had probably gained a few after the week long trip back to my home town the beginning of January.  The damage was not as bad as I expected…but it was still bad enough to make me feel like a failure.  In total, I gained back 3.5 pounds. 

This is the first time since beginning my weight loss journey where I have actually had a gain as opposed to a loss.  I think I felt better about things when I was in plateau mode a few months back.  Now, I am back to what I weighed right before the Thanksgiving holiday……..153 pounds.  

Again, I knew it was coming.  But, how could I go all the way back to my hometown after a year and not enjoy my Grandmother’s cooking?  How could I pass up dining out with family and my best-friend with a baby on the way?  Guess I over did it a little. J But it sure was good! :)
Oh well, onward I press. I am far from perfect and though I was and still have some disappointment in myself, I am taking it better than I would have last summer. Still, I cannot allow this to continue. The past few weeks my workout regime has become steady again. This week it is all about cardio (treadmill, strider, jogging and circuit training with weights).  I will be pressing it hard working out twice a day. At the same time, my husband and I will be in detox mode for the remainder of this month. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies, beans/legumes and lots and lots of water.  I am determined to lose another 15 pounds by the end of April.  

I have taken ownership of my fitness journey and no longer using scapegoats when I slip. I challenge you to do the same.  At the end of the day, we must be accountable for our level of activity, our drive, our focus…our intake and our thoughts.  The good news is it is never too late to start again. Here we go! 
Still making it work!

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