Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Plateau...or Self Sabotage??? (From 9/16/10)

(This post is from my Facebook Journal updated on 9/16/10)

Wow....what can I say.I stepped on the scales this morning with a lot of hope in my heart, and stepped off of it with tears in my eyes. These were not tears of joy....rather tears of disappointment.  My last weigh in was 7 weeks ago and I had lost 8.5 more lbs...bringing my total weight loss since May to 24.5.....nearly 25lbs. Today, my new weight is 157.5. I have lost only 1.5lbs since my last weight in.

 I cannot believe this.....7 freaking weeks of busting it out.....what the heck is going on?  Am I at a plateau......what did I do and or not do??????

After walking my dog in the rain, I headed to the mini gym for my cardio. As I was on the elliptical, my disgust turned into reflection. I began to think about my regime over the past several weeks, my food intake, etc. Truth is, I have gotten off track and not been pushing myself as hard on a consistent level as I had been doing.  It's so easy to slow down when you begin to see progress. So easy to get off track. Over the past few weeks I've slacked off on my water intake, my daily cardio has gone from early am to mid day or early evening. I got a nice burst when I was only eating veggies, and perhaps I went back on meat too quickly (eating chicken wings with bbq sauce is not very smart when you're supposed to be on a strict eating plan).

I can do one of two things now: Feel sorry for myself and go into a downward spiral and the weight back....or be happy I did not gain and press forward with a fresh start, celebrating what I have accomplished over the past few weeks and months. Either way.....the opportunity to change is still there.  This is a reminder...a reminder that I must be consistent, focus on my calories in and out....and not get complacent. It doesn't matter how much exercise you do if you over indulge in sugar and starch. Goodbye white corn...goodbye Mots Medleys.......goodbye Mascota...officially this time.

On a positive note, my arms and legs are smaller and my muscles are tightening up. My abs are taking definition and my waist line is pulling in. And, I did not gain any weight. Just gotta keep climbing, pushing and adjusting. I realized a few weeks ago that I was going into a "don't want to, I'm so sick of working out"...."funk". What I cannot do is continue to have weigh in's like this.

 Check out my blog later for more where I talk about trying to sprint through a marathon.