Thursday, May 12, 2011

Staying Motivated and Walking in the Vision

Motivation……it is defined as an internal or external factor that empowers one to progress and stay the course in order to achieve a goal. It swoon’s us by coming in and out of our lives; giving us a jolt that sometimes provides temporary sustenance. Motivation is important in many aspects of our lives….so how do we create and keep it alive?

The first step is to own it. Own your source of motivation. Stop tapping into what others may or may not say and do to push you forward. If you continue to rely upon another human being to keep you motivated, you can most definitely expect failure. If you alone cannot sustain motivation in your life, what makes you think that someone else can do it for you?

Instead of ONLY using others to motivate and inspire you, begin to focus on your heart’s desires. Ask yourself, “What do I want? Where do I want to be?  Who do I really want to be? Am I living with purpose…or just existing?” Next, create the vision. See yourself going through the motions, engaged and passionate along the course. If you want to lose weight, see yourself in that state. Allow yourself to feel the emotion and excitement of having achieved the goal of a healthier happier you. If you want to be financially sound and out of debt, see yourself living that lifestyle. Experience the feelings of your vision TODAY and crave it more because of the taste it creates in your mouth.Now, cast the vision and walk in it. Take deliberate steps to get from point A to point B. If nothing else, you MUST commit to spending at least an hour a day dedicated to making your vision into a reality.

So what do you need?  You need DRIVE…you need to tap into your PERSONAL POWER. No excuses…channel your strength. If you believe that the Lord will provide in other aspects of your life…then why would He not provide in this instance?  He will give you what you need when YOU and YOU alone are ready.

As you go along your journey, try keeping a journal of your thoughts and feelings. Map out a plan of action and set REALISTIC goals with SPECIFIC dates. In addition to journaling and creating a POA, try something as simple as creating a collage of the things that help motivate and inspire you. Include in that creation images that are part of your vision, your journey. You can’t go wrong with this…unless you aren’t being real with yourself. And of course, always pray and talk out loud to the Lord.

Throughout this past year, there were days I felt like I could climb a mountain and others were I stood crying on the side of the road. I kept the vision of a better life in my head and held onto that with everything inside of me. That has kept me going. When the cheerleaders tossed their pom poms, when the roaring of the crowd ceased, when the curtains closed and I was behind it on the dark and cold stage floor…it was just me, God and my vision.

Don’t wait for someone to motivate you. Have the drive to live abundantly and with purpose, power and passion. Sometimes you will need to reach out to others for support, but please know you won’t always get it. There will be days where you are in the trenches alone and near death. At that time, at that very moment, you must dig DEEP within your being to survive. YOU have the ability and the strength to fight….but is your vision clear?  How bad do you want it?

-Make IT Work!

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