Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ask Yourself a Question

Hi Everyone! I hope this post finds you well! I am currently working on a new Blog post, but wanted to drop a quick note. 

Since I began my evolution last May, I have shared much about my journey via many platforms. I am very blessed and continue to receive many questions and requests for advice on things like weight loss, healthy eating, challenges, etc. My experience has not only allowed me to learn more about myself, but I have also had the chance to peak into some of your lives as well. But, me being who I am…I am still curious and want to learn more.

So, I thought I would spit a few questions your way.  If you are game, pick a question (or more), and answer it in this forum (or, if you prefer not to post in the open, you can email me via my Profile).  Don’t be shy…this is about self discovery and the process of really allowing yourself to grow. Have fun with it! 

Here goes:

·         What are your personal goals when it comes to your overall quality of life (your health)?
·         What are some of the challenges you face (What is holding you back)?
·         What is your biggest vice (the one thing that you cannot seem to shake in terms of habit; fast food, sugary foods, alcohol, smoking, etc.)?
·         Have you started your own lifestyle journey? If so, when and what has this change involved? If not, what is holding you back?
·         What do you love most about yourself?
·         What inspires and motivates you?
·         If money or time were no object, how would that change your ability to succeed in meeting your goals?
·         Who are you (aside of your job, personal relationships, and hobbies/interests)?
·         What can you do at this very moment to make a change in your life, or the life of someone else?

Okay, so I think this is enough to get things started. Let’s make this fun and interactive. There are no wrong answers, unless you are flat out not being honest with yourself. Stay tuned for my official post in the next two weeks. Post away!!!

(Progress: May 2010- 183.5lbs, July 2, 2011- 141lbs...12 pounds from goal!)

Here’s to Making IT Work!


  1. First of all, Nakia...I think you are unbelievably inspirational and such a phenomenal woman. I always love reading your blog because it just is so real to me. So thank you!

    I pick the last question and this was a light bulb that went on in my head just yesterday afternoon.

    So you know that I've kind of reached my overall weight loss goal, but I still have goals to tone up some areas on my body. But my priority is shifting from it being about my own fitness alone to helping others reach their potential to getting healthy. I am looking into starting my own Fit Club in my area. It is something that I never thought was possible because I am not comfortable in the leadership position. But I started Fit for Life on facebook and it has really showed me that I am a leader and I CAN help other people just by being me and sharing my story. I have called a couple of churches (my church is really small and there isn't space to do it) in my neighborhood and have already received responses back from them asking more questions. That is a great sign! So stay tuned!

  2. Thank you for responding! I truly appreciate you reading and sharing. You too are a wonderful inspiration and have done and continue to do amazing things. I love your "Fit for Life" page and believe it was a great idea to start. You share very valuable information there and it is great for networking with others.

    Wow...beginning a Fit Club....AWESOME! There are so many people out there that need support and resources. The fact that you yourself have gone through such a journey will make it even more viable and appealing. I know you will keep doing great things and I will most definitely stay tuned!

  3. I will answer #6-inspiration. With the abuse I endured until I was 20 from the hands of father, I would say that the most powerful inspiration in my life is God and Jesus Christ. Without them I would surely not be here today. But, that abuse does shape who I am to a certain point and it does play a major roll in how obese I am. Any shrink will tell you that and they have told me that. Whereas others in my shoes would turn to abuse of their own children, drugs or even suicide, I turned to eating. Which brings me to another important source of husband and children.

    My husband is incredible and has loved me through thin, thick, thicker and thickest back to thicker, thick and then back to thickest! LOL My children love their Momma Bear and want me around to enjoy all that they will accomplish with their lives and the grand children that are now on the way.

    So with The Lord's strength, my family and the incredible people I have recently found online.....this journey whereas not a 'cake walk' will NOT be made alone. I have support and love all along the way.

    Thanks Kia!

  4. Hi Diane, thank you so much for posting. Your testimony is candid and heart felt. I appreciate your allowing yourself to be open and vulnerable. You never know what one has gone through unless you get the chance to hear it from them...and even then, you can't really feel their pain or see the depth of it unless you can go beyond peering into their soul.

    What God brings you to, He will bring you through. That is evident in your ability to endure and persevere. I am sorry about the abuse you suffered..but grateful for your testimony and how God is using you as well. You are a survivor!

    What a blessing to find and know unconditional love like that of your husband and children. So many people that go through and have gone through what you did don't make it or have anyone to lean on or love. May God continue to bless you and yours.

    All things possible through Christ! AMEN!