Saturday, June 20, 2015

Starting Over...Again

Life doesn't stop. Busy, stretched, tired.....many can attest to feeling this way. The problem is, many of us allow that feeling to rule our lives and soon, that morphs into a behavior.  That behavior can be destructive.  

That is where I am at My day begins around 4:30-5am, involves the rustling of my toddler, myself and then the daycare shuffle, total daily commute of roughly 3 hours (more on some days), a demanding career with long hours after hours,and lots to do on the home-front. This paired with the challenge of not having family available to help with relief at times takes a toll.

Over the past few months, this has lead to more frequent consumption of quick, not so healthy fast and easy to zap foods (Chick fil A or the hot bar or pizza at Wegmann’s typically),  decreased or no workouts, less walking, and less sleep. What’s this recipe? One that yields horrible results such as weight gain, lethargy, aggravated depression…an overall decrease in quality of life.

I love being a mother and wife, and before anything, my family comes first.  The issue.....I have not been consistent when it comes to making time for ME.  Whether it be working out, writing, mediating, reading....I can't tell you the last time I truly, really got down to the business of ME.  Sound familiar? Admit can relate on some level and in many instances, beyond what my words have outlined. 

I broke down on my husband one day recently, sobbing in his arms feeling horrible at how I was once again able to wear the jeans I worked so hard to get out of. 176 pounds...and my body has been feeling every bit of it. I have been feeling so defeated, lost and disgusted with myself.  I felt so angry that I was so far away from where I said I would be...from where I had once been. 

I promised myself yet again that THIS MUST STOP....that I MUST make a CHANGE and get back to taking care of myself. After all....if the quality of my life is suffering, I am not living my life optimally. This is cheating....cheating myself and my family. 

So....after a brief pity party, I took a good look in the mirror and recommitted myself to ME.  

One day at a time...

Another mistake, I have realized, is that I keep thinking back to how it was after I lost all of that weight a few years ago; how fit and strong I was, how good I felt, how young I healthy I was.  Nothing wrong with wanting to get back on track....but I realize that trying to shove myself into a box from the past is also CHEATING ME. For one, my life is so very different from the first time I went down this road; I am back in corporate America, I am a mother of a beautiful little girl, my body has changed, circumstances have changed......Why not focus on improving from where I am today and perhaps, just maybe, exceeding the goals I achieved in the past? Why not that, instead?  

So, I am kind of babbling...but the bottom line is this; I have done it before and I will do it again.
It may take me longer, I will have to be more creative with my plan of action and my time...but 

One day at a time....

Through Christ, all things are possible.  


  1. I needed that blessing. I have fallen in my progress and my arthritis is winning. But this blog gave me life! Thank you, you are so amazing. Keep encouraging, you are helping yourself and others simultaneously. Love, Pleshette

  2. I am just seeing this moment, Pleshette. Thank you for blessing me with your viewership and appreciation. Any way I can inspire or or encourage someone refuels my own journey and makes it all worth it. Don't give up...keep pushing! We will make it through this thing called life. Peace, love and blessings! :)